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Marble runs are super learning toys because there are endless ways to put them together. They are also very addictive.

This is our latest marble run.


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We found this great looking game at our favorite used store.

But it requires 4 pirate ships that can haul up to seven cargo items each.

Because it was a used game some of the pieces were missing, including two of the ships. And the galleons I borrowed from another game just weren’t up to the task.

So I decided to build my own replacements using one of the game ships as a template.

I started off by cutting the tips from a joining dowel I found in my miscellaneous-wood pile.

Then picked the widest drill bit that would go through the hole in a cargo piece.

And drilled the mast and cargo holes.

Next I took out some fine sandpaper.

And sanded all sides of the ship blanks.

Next I found four nails that would fit easily through a cargo piece, and two longer ones for the sails.

I needed to remove the heads of the nails so they would just sit in the drilled holes. I don’t have a metal saw so I made due with a pair of cast iron sheet metal shears, a hammer, and a pair of safety glasses.

Once the nail heads were removed (Ouch)…

I flattened the points so they wouldn’t damage the cargo pieces during play.

And sanded the nail ends to remove any burrs.

Next I double checked the mast lengths to make sure each ship could hold only 7 cargo pieces.

Then took out my trusty bottle of wood glue.

Filled the holes.

And set the nails. After wiping off the excess glue I let them dry.

Finally I fashioned sails out of colored paper.

And affixed them.

And the ships were ready for play.


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