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The process of adding a Ruby Gem (e.g. RSpec) to a project in RubyMine is similar to adding a reference to a project in Visual Studio. From within your project do the following:

Select the Gem you want to add the project


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The default install of RubyMine (v.2.0.2) doesn’t know about IronRuby so you have to configure it.

Navigate to the bin directory of your IronRuby installation and select ir.exe

RubyMine will interrogate IronRuby to determine its Ruby version and update the display

The default project configuration in RubyMine adds some parameters to the command line that IronRuby may not recognize, so remove them as follows:

Clear the “Ruby arguments” box and click OK

Close the configuration window

If you have already created projects in RubyMine you have to each project and update the command line arguments as follows:

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